We specialize in solving the worst odor problems to ensure you have happy neighbors and workers. Our BIOLOGIC™ SR2 products works anaerobically to lower energy costs. BIOLOGIC™  reduces sludge volumes and improves water treatment performance by accelerating the growth of the beneficial bacteria. This also reduces dredging, transfer and landfill costs significantly.

SciCorp’s BIOLOGIC® SR2 is a powerful product that is used by landfills to eliminate their toughest odors. BIOLOGIC® SR2 accelerates the digestion of any biosolids in the landfill to ensure that the odor does not come back. This is done by feeding and strengthening the digesting bacteria while starving the bacteria that produces ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. BIOLOGIC® SR2 enhances the production of Biogas providing greater volumes and faster execution.

One of the hardest things to deal with when it comes to compost management is compost odor. SciCorp’s BIOLOGIC® SR2 is a powerful and natural tool to eliminate those compost odors immediately and ongoing.

The addition of BIOLOGIC® SR2 works to decrease ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and methylamines. The result is a healthier work environment and happier neighbors.

At SciCorp our vision is to improve the environmental quality of life for all, using sustainable technology that reduces our carbon footprint. With this vision in mind our mission is to bring to market environmentally and economically sustainable technology that changes how society approaches odor control and wastewater treatment.

As the Southeastern distributor we strive to achieve the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. We aim to build and maintain lasting relationships with our clients and to always have their best interest in mind.

Introduction to Biologic SR2

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