One of the hardest things to deal with when it comes to compost management is compost odor.  SciCorp’s BIOLOGIC® SR2 is a powerful and natural tool to eliminate those compost odors immediately and ongoing.

The addition of BIOLOGIC® SR2 works to decrease ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and methylamines.  The result is a healthier work environment and happier neighbors.


Not only does BIOLOGIC® SR2 solve the compost odor issues it’s unique process stimulates compost activity cutting you ‘time to money’ substantially and increasing the value of your end product.

When you are running a highly competitive business, the faster you can process your compost and the richer you can make it, the more success you will have.


Employing BIOLOGIC® SR2 in your composting operation will help reduce ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, accelerate the decomposition process and increase the fertilizer value of your end product.

Under typical composting conditions, these micro-nutrients are frequently the limiting factor for the growth and development of desirable bacteria.  With the addition of BIOLOGIC® SR2 the biological pathways are no longer inhibited due to the lack of essential nutrients.  As a result, biological activity and metabolism are substantially increased.


For surface treatment: approximately 5 ml per square meter of compost depending on type and level of compost odor and material.

For bulk treatment: add 15 ml per cubic meter of compost volume.  Apply as needed to control compost odor (1 – 4 times/month).  Dilute 200:1 prior to application.


BIOLOGIC® SR2 is a natural micro-nutrient supplement containing a proprietary blend of natural biodegradable vitamins and trace mineral.  These components are specifically engineered to stimulate desirable, naturally occurring bacteria present in composting matter.

Compost odor no longer needs to be a concern and when the solution also increases the performance and the value of your end product, everyone wins.

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