MrGreen®-TG2 Grass & Root Fortifier

MrGreen®-TG2 Grass & Root Fortifier is an eco-friendly liquid alternative to chemical fertilizers that creates thick & greener lawns, allows more water to penetrate the soil, and restricts dandelion and weed growth.

MrGreen® Compost Accelerator

MrGreen® Compost Accelerator is a liquid all natural organic micronutrient concentrate that rapidly eliminates compost smells, significantly increases the efficiency of the composting process and increases the quality of the top-soil produced. When used for lawn fertilization, the active ingredients promote strong root growth to deliver a lush and beautiful lawn that naturally succeeds at competing with weeds for your lawn.

MrGreen® does not use bacteria, enzymes, harsh chemicals, or masking agents and as such is safe for humans, animals and the environment.

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