MrGreen® Septic Booster

MrGreen® Septic Booster is a powerful and eco friendly plumbing solution used to reactivate slow or failing septic systems, quickly eliminate odors, and reduce standing water & drain field back-ups. Septic Booster can also be used as an ongoing maintenance program to ensure a healthy and active septic system.

MrGreen® Enviroflush

MrGreen® Enviroflush is another eco friendly plumbing solution.  It is a septic system maintenance product and odor eliminator. EnviroFlush stimulates existing bacteria in a septic system to help breakdown organic waste while eliminating odors and ensuring a free-flowing system. EnviroFlush is automatically applied with every flush of the toilet, last for up to four months, and tints your toilet bowl water blue.

MrGreen® PVH

MrGreen® PVH is wastewater treatment for pits, vaults and holding tanks. PVH is a concentrated formula that rapidly breaks down accumulated organic solids and greases along with remarkably reducing odor.

MrGreen® PDT

MrGreen® PDT is an all natural, micronutrient-based pipe, drain and trap maintenance treatment. MrGreen helps to clean pipes & drains and accelerates the breakdown of waste while eliminating odors.  This eco friendly plumbing solution can be used throughout the house.

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