Odor Control

Proven in the most severe cases to completely eliminate odors while ensuring that the natural process of decomposition is accelerated and remains healthy.   The product significantly reduces the generation of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gas in anaerobic systems and lagoons.


The presence of the product at very low concentrations creates conditions that allow methane producing bacteria to out compete hydrogen sulfide producers for available carbon and in addition to block the activity of the enzyme urease, preventing urea in the waste from being converted to volatile ammonia.  In addition, this process causes the urea to remain in the biosolids which enhances the fertilizer value of the remaining biosolids.

Lagoons and Oxidization Ditches

  • Eliminate odors and control floating solids and pest/fly infestation
  • Eliminate expensive dredging and sludge disposal charges
  • Accelerate removal efficiencies for BOD, COD, SS & P
  • Exceed wastewater discharge criteria set by MOE
  • Eliminate need to expand wastewater systems
  • Increase usage capabilities of current systems
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