Environmental Specialist, Covanta Durham York Renewable Energy L.P.

“We are very pleased with the performance of the SciCorp BIOLOGIC® SRC3 Lemon Grass product and we recommend it to anyone facing challenges regarding odor control. Thanks to this technology we are able to prevent any odor complaints from neighbors and to maintain regulatory compliance during maintenance downtimes. In addition, we are very happy with the technical support supplied by SciCorp. SciCorp engineers responded within in 24 hours to provide the solution for our problem.” - Amanda Huxter BSc AScT, Covanta

Abengoa Bioenergy Biomass of Kansas

Abengoa Bioenergy Biomass of Kansas was in need of an immediate solution to control the objectionable odor being generated from their wastewater lagoons. Raw wastewater from their corn stover ethanol plant in Hugoton, Kansas was causing odor complaints throughout the community. The wastewater operator at the plant found the SciCorp website, with the help of the SciCorp engineers, developed an odor control action plan. SciCorp shipped BIOLOGIC® SR2 the next day and a senior SciCorp engineer traveled to the facility to assist with implementation of the action plan. The product was mixed with water and spray applied to the surface of the lagoons. The combined volume of the lagoons was 48 MG. As soon as the product was applied the plant technicians noted that the odor at the plant was almost entirely removed; more importantly, following the application of the product there were no further complaints from the community.
Following the application of the product to the lagoons Abengoa elected to continue adding SciCorp BIOLOGIC® SR2 to the influent of their anaerobic digester. They found that the product significantly improved the effluent from their system, prevented fouling of their membranes and increase the rate of methane production in the digester. In addition, the product continues to prevent odor generation in their facility and lagoons. Abengoa is now an ongoing customer that endorses SciCorp BIOLOGIC technology.

Facility Specialist, Imperial Oil

“During the pumping of the holding tanks, extreme odors were discharged into the atmosphere causing discomfort to patron and employees. Odors became so offensive that complaints from local residents and industries forced the city to prohibit Esso from discharging…”…”Three days after the introduction of BIOLGIC SR2 the odor of the waste was judged acceptable and they allowed its disposal”

‘The continued success convinced Imperial to implement an automatic feeding system for the BIOLOGIC SR2, and expand its use in other sites, no capital expenditure was needed. I would recommend the Biologic product for odor control in similar situations.” - Rene Koositra

Plant Superintendent, Brockville Sewage Treatment Plant

“BIOLOGIC as a micronutrient has had a definite positive impact on the anaerobic biological activity in the Brockville Sewage Treatment Plant and results in definite improvement in odor control and in the anaerobic reduction and stabilization of primary sludge and soluble BOD.”…. “We recommend the use of Biologic in all biological waste treatment systems that are faced with overload, odor and/or sludge processing problems” - Roger Arcand

President, Lazarus and Lazarus

“Lazarus and Lazarus has been buying BIOLOGIC products for 10 years, we have had very good experience with SciCorp products. Our primary focus is in water treatment of industrial waters especially in the textile industry…..We think that SciCorp offers great support and a very good product.” - Ernesto Lazarus

WWTP, Vietnam

Tested SR2 for a month with the following results:

  • Aeration reduced by 50%
  • Chemical usage reduced by 50%
  • BOD meets effluent standards
  • Sludge reduced by 40%
  • Plant Capacity increased by 20%
  • Odor eliminated 100%

Aeration and chemical use reduction has resulted in cost savings. I am very happy!! Endorsing SR2 to other WWTPs. My WWTP collects influent from 60 industries. - Quang Minh

Operations Manager - Ontario Clean Water Association Georgion Hub

I believe the SR2 is an excellent product and it can have a real positive effect on wastewater plant operations on a cost effective basis. - Brad Hooper

Kansas City Wastewater

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